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NIRP focuses on legal recognition of nonbinary and intersex people through policy efforts on both state and federal levels. In 2017, we worked with Senator Atkins (CA) to successfully pass SB179 The Gender Recognition Act allowing for third gender options on California IDs and birth certificates, and reducing barriers for name and gender changes on IDs. As of now, 19 states offer third gender options! We also proudly partner with intersex advocacy organizations to ban unnecessary medical surgeries on intersex youth.

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In our work to create more social and legal recognition of nonbinary and intersex people across the US, we recognize a gap in research related to nonbinary and intersex experiences and needs. We conduct research projects and use the results to strengthen our position in Education and Policy efforts.

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NIRP has teamed up with PRIDEnet to conduct The PRIDE Study and answer the question: "How does being LGBTQIA+ influence physical, mental, or social health?" The study began in 2015 and will be conducted over the course of 10+ years (longitudinal study). Click here to learn more!



Our team offers educational training and materials to organizations, hospitals, schools, businesses, and more to address stigma, unlearn misinformation, and embrace allyship for nonbinary and intersex communities. We recognize that education plays a vital part in removing barriers for policy change and building our movement.

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NONBINARY 101 & 201

These trainings provide foundational information on what nonbinary means and the experiences of nonbinary people. We address stigma and we challenge participants to think beyond the gender binary. This training is highly recommended for schools, businesses, and parents of nonbinary youth.

INTERSEX 101 & 201

These trainings provide foundational information on what intersex means, relevant terminology and definitions, and the experiences of intersex people. We focus on addressing misinformation around intersex bodies and bring awareness to unnecessary medical surgeries forced on intersex youth. This training is highly recommended for hospitals and parents.


This training provides essential tools for embracing gender and sex inclusive language in both personal and professional spheres. We discuss pronouns, titles, greetings, and terms for anatomy that are inclusive and affirming for all. This training is highly recommended for schools, businesses, hospitals, and organizations.